We respect and take your privacy seriously
As a noncommercial web app, we have no interest in collecting, analyzing, selling, or sharing your personal data or activity for any reason
By using this web app you are agreeing to the following privacy policy
  1. Required account information When creating an account, you are only required to provide a username and email address. It is not necessary for your username to contain any personally identifiable information. Your email address is required only in the event that you need to reset your password or to inform you of important policy changes. Your username is always publicly displayed and your email is never made publicly available. You may change your username and email at any time on the Settings page.
  2. Optional profile information You may optionally populate your profile with other personal information such as your gender, location, or a bio. This information is publicly displayed but can be removed at any time on your profile page.
  3. Sharing information with third parties We never share any of your information or data with any third parties for any reason.
  4. First party cookies We only use cookies to store necessary authentication data that allows you to log in to your account and securely access your data. No sensitive personal information is stored within these cookies. We do not use these cookies to track your web behavior or share these cookies with third parties.
  5. Third party cookies We embed some third party services in order to provide helpful tools. These third party services include Youtube, Vimeo, and Spotify embedded media players and the OneSignal SDK for receiving push notifications. These third party services may store cookies that are necessary for their respective functionality.
  6. Deleting your account By deleting your account you are permanently deleting your profile and any ratings, reviews, or lists that you have created. Any public comments or topics that you have created will remain public in order to preserve the structure of public discussions, however they will become unassociated with your account. You can permanently delete any of your comments or topics at any time prior to deleting your account.
  7. Data retention Deleted content may persist in database backups for a reasonable period of time but will not be publicly available.
  8. Changes to this policy We may make changes to this policy in the future.