Rules for community content
  1. No political discussion Online political discourse is toxic; it destroys civility and encourages the formation of echo chambers. Conversely, our shared appreciation for media can help us find common ground. All political affiliations are welcome here (just keep it to yourself).
  2. No harassment, threats, or spam Be cool and treat everyone with respect.
  3. Mark spoilers Mark any text containing spoilers in reviews, comments, and topics by using the spoiler tag. You don't need to mark spoilers in replies to a topic if the topic itself has already been marked for spoilers.
  4. No direct links to illegal content Don't post links to pirated material so that we can avoid any legal trouble.
Voting affects the ordering of topics and comments
Upvote high quality content that you find helpful, insightful, well-written, or entertaining (even if it conflicts with your personal beliefs)
Downvote low quality content that you find incorrect, unoriginal, unfunny, or in bad taste (even if it aligns with your personal beliefs)